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Patch 2.1 Preview: Extension Mods

Patch 2.1 Preview: Extension Mods

We’ve previously discussed the improvements and new features we’re making to Clans and Groups coming to StarCraft II with Patch 2.1. Today we’re talking about a brand new feature that should please both mod makers as well as our players: Extension Mods.

As a developer, Extension Mods will allow you to develop a mod containing a set of parameters that can be published to and applied to any StarCraft II melee map by any player. Long gone will be the days where you need to set up each map you want to use with your custom mod and publish an individual, unique version of that existing map.

As a player, you’ll now be able to use Extension Mods to play your favorite game modes on any StarCraft II melee map, completely changing the way you play. The kinds of modifications that are possible are virtually endless; they can range from build order trainers to unit testing sandboxes to adding completely new races. 

Choosing an Extension Mod

To try out an Extension Mod, click on ‘Custom Games’ from the StarCraft II main menu. You’ll now see a ‘Top Played Games’ section that will not only show you the most popular melee maps, but also the most popular Extension Mods played on those maps.

You can join or create a game with one of the map and mod combinations listed, or you can create any combination of custom map and extension mod by visiting the Maps section. To do this, click on ‘Browse Maps,’ select any map you want to try a mod on, and click ‘Create with Mod.’

This is where you can check out all of the mods that can be applied to the map. If you want to learn more about a specific mod, right-click the mod or click on the gear icon and select ‘Extension Mod Info’. On this info pane you’ll find information provided by the author including a description, how to play, screenshots, and player reviews.

Once you’ve found the mod you want, click ‘Create Game’ and you’ll be placed in a game lobby. Make any changes you want and start playing! That’s all there is to it.

Planting the Seeds

We know that our Community will produce some amazing mods, but we thought we’d offer three basic examples to help illustrate how this new feature works. The first, “All Units Explode” hardly needs explanation; every unit that dies will explode and deal damage to surrounding units, friend or foe. 

‘Big Game Hunters’ is our second mod and will be instantly recognizable to old school Brood War players. Every mineral patch is increased to 20,000 and vespene geysers contain 25,000 gas. One base play is now viable! 

Finally, ‘Wandering Minerals’ throws out the idea that resources should sit around and wait to be harvested. Enable this Extension mod, and mineral patches will wander around just like critters on the map.

A New Way to Play

If you want to check out some of the mods that the community is making, jump into the PTR and give Patch 2.1 a spin. Find out how to gain access to the PTR by clicking here. We’re extremely excited to see what the mod community comes up with and hope you enjoy using Extension Mods as much as we have.

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