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Arcade Workshop: Pure CTF

Arcade Workshop: Pure CTF

The developer of our latest Arcade Workshop is no stranger to the StarCraft II community. Ryan Schutter, known for designing the GameHeart custom interface, has branched out to create his own Arcade game: Pure CTF.


CTF stands for ‘Capture the Flag’ and is a popular play mode in most first-person shooters. Ryan has taken these mechanics and put them into the StarCraft universe. His goal was to create a game that players can jump into and enjoy right away, without complex mechanics or controls getting in the way. He kept everything simple and intuitive: left-click to shoot, right-click to move, and the ‘Q’ through ‘T’ keys control your abilities. The gameplay is what you’d expect from any capture-the-flag game: steal your opponent’s flag while defending your own. You’ll use a combination of offensive moves. For example, you’ll launch rockets and grenades in combination with utility abilities such as a shot blocking force field, or the always versatile blink ability. The game doesn’t include any leveling up or upgradable abilities, so it all comes down to player skill and superior teamwork. Each game lasts 15 minutes, the team with the highest score at the end of the match wins, and all players have access to the same abilities and attacks.


Gameplay-wise, Pure CTF is already solid, but what additions would you like to see? Where do you feel the game could use some extra polish? After you’ve played a couple of rounds, please share your feedback in the thread below.

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