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World Championship Series Returns to BlizzCon

World Championship Series Returns to BlizzCon

Update: The Global Finals will now begin with the World Championship Opening Weekend in Burbank, California. Click here to learn more.

The Global Finals of the StarCraft II World Championship Series (WCS) will return to BlizzCon in 2014, bringing all the passion and glory of one of the world's top eSports events. Last year, Kim “sOs” Yoo Jin broke out of the pack to stake his claim as Global Champion while millions watched. The journey to BlizzCon is only just beginning for this year’s hopefuls.

BlizzCon Structure

After three intense seasons of WCS competition, we will lock the WCS Standings and invite the top 16 players in the world to compete at BlizzCon, taking place November 7–8 in Anaheim, California. The players will have all of October to develop unique strategies and prepare themselves mentally for one of the most challenging trials of their pro-gaming career.

The 16 competitors will battle in a ruthless single-elimination bracket, where the WCS Standings determines each player's initial seeding. The championship round  is a best-of-seven series, while all other matches leading up to it are best-of-five. The winner will be crowned the WCS Global Champion and earn $100,000, along with the admiration of the entire StarCraft II community.

All of the eSports stages at BlizzCon, including WCS, will be streamed free of charge on and Twitch.

Road to BlizzCon

You don’t need to wait until November to watch thrilling StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm competition. The best players regularly go head-to-head in the three WCS regions: America, Europe, and Korea. Based on how they place in each region’s WCS League, players earn points that are tracked through the WCS Standings. Players can bolster their placement in the Standings by traveling to Global Events --approved StarCraft II tournaments that reward additional points.

The journey to BlizzCon is a year-long process, and players will compete for more than $2 million USD in WCS League and Global Events over the course of 2014. To follow the full road to BlizzCon or get a glimpse of where your favorite player stands right now, head over to There you can find:

Streams—Never miss a broadcast again. always has the latest WCS streams live.

Schedule—Want to find the best matches to stay up late for? Check our schedule for the entire season.

Standings—Only the top 16 players will make it to BlizzCon. Our WCS Standings page is where we track the points each player earns as they claim titles and crush competitors.

VODs—Our Videos page makes it easy to find the exact match you want. Sort by league, player, race, or a variety of other options to find the video you want to watch.

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