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The Star Strikers World Championship

The Star Strikers World Championship

Video created by Coyote (Twitter Facebook)

Join us as we kick off The Star Strikers World Championship on the StarCraft II Arcade! This just-for-fun tournament pits a number of country-specific teams against each other in The Star Strikers — a soccer-inspired map mod for StarCraft II. Each team will be made up of members of our community from the corresponding country.

If you’d like the chance to represent your country’s team, simply connect to the StarCraft II  Americas server and join the chat channel “Community-US” for Team USA between 17:00 and 19:00 CEST on July 2, 3, 7, 10, and 11. Team captains from each nation will be leading their squads and choosing new players for each match. Check out our captains and the full match bracket below.

You can tune in to support your country and your favorite players here. You can also follow @StarCraft on Twitter for the latest match updates.

World Championship
TaiwanHelpSoBaD, Joeman, Hui, Beta
G1HelpJuly 2, 17:00 CEST ItalyHelpNarcotic + Vasacast Team
ItalyHelpNarcotic + Vasacast Team
G9HelpJuly 7, 17:00 CEST ItalyHelpNarcotic + Vasacast Team
G2HelpJuly 2, 17:00 CEST NetherlandsHelpuThermal
UkraineHelpdreamknoxville, ukrainestar
G13HelpJuly 10, 17:00 CEST ItalyHelpTBD
G3HelpJuly 2, 18:00 CEST ChileHelpJeikoState
ChileHelpJeikoState + Apocael
G10HelpJuly 7, 17:00 CEST ChileHelpJeikoState + Apocael
ChinaHelpHan Xiao(captain), F91, xiaose, bengo
G4HelpJuly 2, 18:00 CEST ChinaHelpHan Xiao(captain), F91, xiaose, bengo
FinalHelpJuly 11, 17:00 CEST USAHelpChanmanV
G5HelpJuly 3, 17:00 CEST RussiaHelpRoxKISCreed
G11HelpJuly 7, 18:00 CEST GermanyHelpTeam Mori
GermanyHelpTeam Mori
G6HelpJuly 3, 17:00 CEST GermanyHelpTeam Mori
G14HelpJuly 10, 18:00 CEST USAHelpTBD
G7HelpJuly 3, 18:00 CEST ArgentinaHelpTheArgie, Colter
ArgentinaHelpTheArgie, Colter
G12HelpJuly 7, 17:00 CEST USAHelpChanmanV
FranceHelpLorgard, Thud
G8HelpJuly 3, 18:00 CEST USAHelpChanmanV

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