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It's the Fourth Anniversary for StarCraft II!

It's the Fourth Anniversary for StarCraft II!

A very special time has arrived for Blizzard, and this is especially true for StarCraft II and its players! On July 27th, we will reach the four year anniversary for StarCraft II, and to celebrate the occasion, we have celebratory content and experiences for you!

If you haven't seen it yet, there's a pleasant surprise waiting for you in StarCraft II right now... all workers are donning party hats to celebrate the occasion! With the hats being stylishly customized to befit each race, all players can help celebrate the anniversary with us by simply opening up the client and jumping into a game.

Now if only we can find where the workers hid the fruit punch and birthday cake...

And while birthday hats are cool, if you want to go even harder on the celebrating, we're not going to stop you. In fact, we want to help you out! Alongside the party hats our workers are sporting, we've also released some awesome new portraits for each race to celebrate the occasion. They'll look like what you see below, and you can unlock them simply by playing a game - starting tomorrow and through until the end of next week! 

As the cherry on top of this not-so-metaphorical cake, we've drawn you up quite a stunning desktop wallpaper so that you can let your screen space share in the celebration. Check it out in any resolution you desire by clicking the image below.

We're obviously excited about this anniversary, and we know you're just as excited. So get out there and game-it-up, try those icons, party with the party-hats, and just generally have some fun. We can't wait to see you online!

Happy Fourth Birthday StarCraft II!

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