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The 2014 Proleague Grand Finals

The 2014 Proleague Grand Finals

The most prestigious StarCraft II team league in the world has concluded all of its matches… except for one.
This Saturday, in the early waking hours of America, but in the summer evening heat of Seoul, Korea, the two most acclaimed StarCraft teams in history will face off in the 2014 StarCraft II Proleague Grand Finals.
SK Telecom T1 was widely considered to one of the best StarCraft II teams in the world when Proleague first began, with KT Rolster considered a mediocre contender. However, when both teams reached the finals in Season 1, the underdog KT Rolster decimated SKT T1 with an all-kill at the hands of Zest.
So began the rivalry between these two titans. Now however, they have found themselves vying for the top of the greatest podium any team can claim in StarCraft II eSports. And it will all play out this weekend.
To catch yourself up on the story of the 2014 Proleague, you can check out this excellent article written by the TL Strategy team which highlights some of the best matches of the year.
If you're ready however, to begin preparing for what is bound to be an epic grand finals, then please do head on over and read Zealously's Grand Finals Preview. You can also find detailed summaries about each team from their semi-finals previews: KT Rolster, SKT T1.
Even if you haven't watched any of Proleague up and to this point, it is a great time to catch up and see what you may have been missing out on. If you've been a follower? Well then… we'll see you on Saturday at 2:30 AM PDT(5:30 EDT).

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