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Season 4 Ladder Map Pool: Return of the Classics

Season 4 Ladder Map Pool: Return of the Classics

Ever wonder how Xel’Naga Caverns would play out in Heart of the Swarm? Did you discover an unbeatable strategy on Habitation Station only after it left the ladder? Wish you could get Cloud Kingdom back for one more season? Well then the upcoming ladder season is exactly what you’re looking for.

In Season 4 we’re going to open up the opportunity for past 1v1 maps to return, and also let YOU decide which maps those will be!

The Map Pool of Your Dreams

We’ve seen the feedback – you want a chance to pick your dream 1v1 map pool. On September 24, we’ll release a poll asking which maps you’d like to see in the upcoming ladder season. The seven maps that receive the most votes by October 1 will be added to the Season 4 ladder map pool.

Nominate Your Favorites

Before we open it up for voting, we’d like to hear what maps you think should be on the final poll. You can do this by jumping into our official discussion thread and sharing your thoughts, or providing your nominations on Twitter using the hashtag #dreampool. All past ladder maps are eligible. We’ll be reading your responses and will select the most popular maps for the final poll.

You’ll have through September 23 to get your nominations in, so don’t wait too long to share your favorites and let your dream become a reality.

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