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The Science Corner –The Threat Continues

The Science Corner –The Threat Continues

Howdy there! We will get back to our scheduled programming in just a moment. We just received an update from our undercover source that has been providing us with eye-witness exclusives about some specimen data.

If you remember from before, our man on the inside was regrettably discovered and ousted from the Dominion facilities… but it seems he got the last laugh! Somehow, our informant managed to smuggle out some encrypted hardware with him, and recently sent it our way for your listening pleasure. The informant’s data provided us key intelligence surrounding some of the meaner Zerg biological monstrosities including the Infestor, Corruptor, Hydralisk and Mutalisk.

Now that you’re getting to understand our opposition, decide how you can be the hope for Terran as a foundational or support unit!

If you seek more knowledge of the Zerg specimens we’ve learned of so far, see our previous Science Corner episodes 1 & 2 from Radio Liberty.

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