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New Terran Tech Schematics

New Terran Tech Schematics

Howdy there! Raiders here.

Recently, we familiarized you with the support troops you could expect to meet out on the battlefields. Now however, we’ve got a special surprise in order as we’ll be taking an in-depth look at the Terran’s more powerful and technically advanced battlefield implements. These are the guys you might not see that much, but when you do, they make a big difference.

First and foremost, we’ll discuss the Siege Tank. This bastion of the battlefield stands as the crux of a Terran force’s fortitude, fending off enemy forces from afar and repelling even the most formidable of ground units.

Similar to the Siege Tank in its ability to make quick work of ground troops, the Banshee is an aerial harbinger of destruction.  Agile twin turbofans accompany cloaking technologies and powerful backlash rockets, making the Banshee our military’s most capable hit-and-run option when the situation demands nothing less.

With such specialized units being available, there is certainly a hole to be filled when it comes to diversity, and the Raven does that exceedingly well. As one of the Terran’s most capable units, the Raven is an ideal drone, capable of providing unmatched protection and extremely valuable reconnaissance.

With such capable units, it’s hard to imagine that Terran technology would get much more advanced… but in the coming weeks, we’ll be unveiling reports on the burliest of both the ground and the sky in full detail.

If you seek more, we recently learned much about the Zerg via Radio Liberty and thanks to the daring efforts of a sympathetic informant. And if lore in general is your fancy, check out the story of StarCraft here, or score yourself a copy of StarCraft: War Stories in Kindle or eBook format.

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