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Protoss Spotted!

Protoss Spotted!

Welcome to Radio Liberty spacefarers. For the those of you able to join us today, we’ve got some very special information to share. An abandoned Protoss ship was discovered last week in the foothills by Archer, one of our very own here at Radio Liberty! We won’t get into the specifics of why Archer was travelling a few hundred miles into the barren hills, but he did bring back something truly amazing… a Protoss data system!

We’ve begun analyzing the data on there to upload and share with all of you. So far, we’ve determined information on the Probe, the Zealot, the Sentry, and the Stalker and made them public for your viewing pleasure.

If you want to dig up some details on our recent reveals around the Zerg and Terran, you can do that too!

If lore is your fancy, you can check out the story of StarCraft here, or score yourself a copy of StarCraft: War Stories in Kindle or eBook format.

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