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Robotics Analysis and the Heart of a Mothership

Robotics Analysis and the Heart of a Mothership

More news today from Radio Liberty, folks! We’re happy to tell you that we’ve managed to analyze another block of the Protoss data drive which Archer found in the foothills just two weeks back. Turns out, the block had information on a good number of Protoss robotic units, including info on the all too eerie Observer, the menacing Immortal, and that very frightening sight on the battlefield: the Warp Prism.

In addition to all this new info on Protoss robotics, we also managed to secure a data set on the unit which comprises the heart of every Mothership: the Mothership Core. These guys are immensely capable, and a rare sight to behold indeed! Nonetheless, we managed to find quite a cache of information on the core, and are excited to bring it to all of you today.

If you seek more details on our recent discussions around the Zerg and Terran, you can take a look at that too! We’ll keep working in the meantime on this Protoss drive, but I’ll be upfront and tell you that this next data block looks like it could present a real challenge. Never fear though, we’ve got other initiatives underway! Till then, keep fighting the good fight.

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