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More Zerg Science (All Too Easy)

More Zerg Science (All Too Easy)

Oh, hey there loyal listener. Did you miss us? We missed you too, but we’ve been thinking of you, and today, we’ve got another update.

If you remember, a few months back we had an infiltrator who was uploading top-secret specimen data to us from the inside. Unfortunately, he was eventually discovered, and slipping in another informant has proven all but impossible until now.

You see, there was a little (yet remarkably significant) discovery in the foothills a few weeks back. We found a Protoss data drive. Since then, we’ve been analyzing its data and besides just unit information, we’ve learned a number of things that have been nothing short of remarkable. Suffice it to say that what we’ve gained from the Protoss drive have made planting a new informant easier than outrunning an Overlord!

Now, we can’t talk about how she infiltrated her way in, as doing so would lead to her exposure, but we can share what she’s found!

So, onto the good stuff then! Our ridiculously over-equipped informant has already turned up more data on the Zerg. She’s actually managed to find some stuff on the more elusive creatures that personally, I’ve never laid eyes on. Speaking of eyes, the first creature we got info on has plenty of them… seeing as it is the Overseer. I’m not sure if there’s anything more creepy in the galaxy folks, these guys are just plain weird.

Besides the creepy zerg-eyeball monstrosity, we’ve also got a terror of the deep. The kraken of earth, sand, and stone. The Nydus Worm, aka the harbinger of bedtime nightmares, has a good number of things to read about. If there’s any way to best your fears, it’s to understand them, so I highly recommend reading up on this guy.

Last, but not least, is the spawner of the swarm: the Swarm Host. These guys can create numerous pesky locusts and now, we know how. So check out all the details, and arm yourself and those around you with an understanding of one of our greatest foes.

Okay folks, that’s all for now. There is sure to be more soon, since our informant basically has free-reign over the entire facility now. It's seriously just laughable...

See you next time spacefarers!

If lore is your fancy, you can check out the story of StarCraft here, or score yourself a copy of StarCraft: War Stories in Kindle or eBook format.


Howdy Radio Liberty fans. In our effort to bring you the best in anti-Dominion music, entertainment, and information, we made a misstep. It turns out that Zerg science is not so easy after all, and our informant might have stumbled upon a patch of bogus data. We are currently in the process of reviewing and cross-referencing this with some of our “special” contacts. We also suspect the data banks could’ve been intentionally corrupted to throw us off. We’ve been making a lot of noise as of late, someone was bound to notice. That said, we’ll bring you updated information soon, stay tuned and feel the groove!

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