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Ryan Schutter Joins Blizzard Entertainment

Ryan Schutter Joins Blizzard Entertainment

Back in June, we invited Ryan Schutter, the creator of the popular GameHeart overlay, to join with the StarCraft development team in creating an official WCS GameHeart overlay. In the short time he was here, Ryan really made a mark. He developed a strong collaborative relationship with the designers, artists, and engineers on the team, and had a clear idea of what he wanted to accomplish with WCS GameHeart. Still, he remained flexible and proactive in learning and improving through feedback.

After his time working with us was up, we realized we didn’t want it to end. Ryan had proven through his community contributions and through his time working with us that he would be a valuable addition to the team. With these things in mind, we’re excited to announce that Ryan has officially joined as a Technical Designer onto our StarCraft II development team.

We’re extremely happy to have Ryan onboard, and so grateful to be bringing on someone with so much passion for this game and its community. Ryan’s work in those areas is bound to continue. Moving forward, you can expect to find Ryan posting on forums, social media, and continuing his work on GameHeart and other arcade projects.

Join us in welcoming Ryan over on the forums!

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