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Death from Above: Protoss

Death from Above: Protoss

Don’t say I didn’t tell you

Oh yes, it took a while for us to analyze this block of data. It’s not like we have a team of Protoss analysts sitting around waiting for a Protoss data drive to fall out of the sky. A drive did fall out of the sky however, and so we got some more analysts. It took a bit to ramp them up, but now they’re digging through the data, quick as a Reaper, and already they’ve managed to pull out some useful bits.

A lot of the information we’ve gathered this time centers around the Stargate. As a structure which produces flying vehicles, the Stargate is one of the more technologically advanced Protoss facilities, and it’s units are no less high-tech.

The Phoenix, for instance, is a lightning-fast aerial harass ship which, while small, packs a serious punch against any opposing unit lacking armor. Its Ion Cannons disintegrate flesh via short wavelength energy beams, and although they can only fire upon the air, they won’t hesitate to simply use their Graviton Beam to center a ground unit right in front of their crosshairs.

This is quite the opposite however of the attack methods of the Oracle. A true monster against unarmored units, the Oracle’s Pulsar Beam will simply disintegrate any unit unfortunate enough to stand beneath its shadow.

The Void Ray is a different beast entirely however, as it is a Protoss vessel whose weapons are tuned for armored targets. This makes sense of course when you consider that the Prismatic Core’s energy is being focused through some incredibly durable Phase Crystals. Keep that in mind, and be sure to avoid Void Rays if you’ve got any metal plating on your person.

There’s a terror I don’t need to tell you about however. It needs no introduction. It’s been slapped on every billboard and leaflet you’ve ever seen pertaining to the Protoss, and it is truly one of the most fearsome sights you could ever behold.

The Colossus, standing at over 17 stories tall, is a skyscraper of destruction. We’ve gone and compiled a full report on all the data we’ve managed to gather on this fearsome tower of death, but honestly, all I feel after reading it is more afraid. Still, it is essential to understand our enemy, overcome any hesitation, and press forward.

We’ll be doing exactly that here at Radio Liberty. Expect another message once we’ve interpreted more of this Protoss data drive.

Radio Liberty, out.

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