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A Time for Templars: Protoss

A Time for Templars: Protoss

Radio Liberty here! Spacefarers, loyal listeners, and newly-come audiences alike, we've surely got a special treat for you today...

Over the past several weeks, we've been releasing information on various Protoss units as we've come into knowledge about them. Currently, our team is analyzing blocks which hold information on certain ships that seem to be related to a Protoss fleet called the “Golden Armada”.  While we are certainly looking forward to such discoveries, we received a report just recently that was no less enthralling! After substantial analysis on this Protoss data drive, we have come to understand the functionalities of the (previously) eerily mysterious Templar and Archons!

According to the report, our analysts were first able to extract data on the High Templar, and analyze their reliance on control and stoicism as opposed to the battle rage upon which Zealots and Archons thrive. Perhaps we can put such information to use in future research, but as for now it is certainly worthwhile simply to understand how these beings function.

Also, consider the Dark Templar. We have a very limited number of technological options when it comes to dealing with Dark Templar. A block of data concerning these reclusive warriors was studied however, and it may be wholly possible that we can now develop new measures to combat against them. It is now confirmed with absolute certainty that Dark Templars' Warp Blades react to the user's strength of will.  Perhaps, given some time, we can use such information to our advantage should we have any further encounters with Dark Templar.

While High Templar and Dark Templar are undoubtedly forces to be reckoned with, there is a truly magnificent warrior that stands, quite literally, above them both. When two Templar of any kind combine, they have the ability to form what is known as an Archon. It should come as no surprise that the source of an Archon's overwhelming power, or the nature of its formation, have been a mystery to the public. Now however, as unbelievable as it might seem, we have quite literally had this information fall from the sky and land into our hands. We now understand that an Archon's physical form shapes and anchors the psionic maelstrom swirling around it, and that without this form, the Archon would burn out like a star immediately after merging. We will tell you all about this and more in the full report which you can find here.

This knowledge, combined with the many other facts we have learned of both the Protoss and the Zerg, continue to empower us.  The information allows us to make better decisions, to develop smarter technologies, and to continue our progress forward. We at Radio Liberty encourage you all to tune in next week when we bring you our final revelations on the most powerful ships in the Protoss army.

Radio Liberty, over and out.

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