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The WCS Global Finals at BlizzCon 2015

The WCS Global Finals at BlizzCon 2015

The StarCraft II World Championship Series Global Finals will return to BlizzCon in 2015, where the world’s best players will take the stage to battle for the title of WCS Global Champion. Last year, with thousands in attendance and millions watching around the world, Lee ‘Life’ Seung Hyun rewrote the Zerg playbook and claimed the Gosu Trophy in spectacular fashion. While the journey to find the next champion has only just begun, pro StarCraft II players in pursuit of the ultimate prize are now on the road to BlizzCon.

You don’t need to wait until November to watch thrilling StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm competition. The best players regularly go head-to-head in the three WCS leagues: the Global StarCraft League (GSL), the StarCraft II StarLeague (SSL) and the WCS Premier League. The better they perform in each WCS League, the more points players can earn and accumulate to improve their positions in the WCS Standings. Players can bolster their placement in the Standings by playing well at Global Events—approved StarCraft II tournaments that reward additional points.

After wrapping up all three intense seasons of WCS competition, we will lock the WCS Standings and invite the top 16 WCS points-earners to compete at the WCS Global Finals. There, they’ll have to advance through an unforgiving single-elimination bracket if they want to be crowned the WCS Global Champion, earning $100,000 and the admiration of the entire StarCraft II community.

The path to BlizzCon is a year-long process, and players will compete for more than $2 million USD in WCS League and Global Events in 2015. To follow all of the excitement or to see where your favorite player’s current standing, head over to

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