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April Fools: Pre-Order Legacy of the Void Keepsake Now!

April Fools: Pre-Order Legacy of the Void Keepsake Now!

With StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void, we are changing up a lot of things about the game, including making the game speed mirror that of real life. We wondered what other things we could bring from Legacy of the Void into real life and came up with this. . . .

Introducing the Spear of Adun (again)! Why settle for a simple button or desk caddy to represent your enthusiasm for StarCraft II when you could pilot a real Protoss arkship?  

This beautiful ship handles like a sedan but looks like an intergalactic space cruiser. War Council, personal carrier fleet, and heated seats all come standard.  Designed to hold an entire civilization, the Spear of Adun offers abundant trunk space for luggage and hockey equipment, as well as plenty of legroom so that even an army of psi-blade wielding zealots can ride in comfort.  

We are also offering a myriad of customization options including:

  • Celestial Array GPS
    • Note: Abathur Voice Pack not included
  • Anti-Lock Air Brakes
  • Rear-Seat DVD & MP3 Player
  • Center Console with Solar Core Power Outlet
  • Probability Drive
  • A-Move Steering Panel
  • Cloaking Technology

These made-to-order*, full-scale replicas of the vessel found in Legacy of the Void are accurate down to the smallest details, from the Orbital Assimilator to the motorized cup holders. The technology is here! Do not hesitate as orders are sure to fill up. Head over to our Gear Store now to begin customizing your personal Spear of Adun. Consider purchasing one for a friend to start your own Golden Armada!

*estimated completion date 2315

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