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StarCraft II: 5th Anniversary Giveaway

StarCraft II: 5th Anniversary Giveaway

The fifth anniversary of StarCraft II has come! To celebrate you, our most dedicated of players, we’ve put together a giveaway which offers you the chance to win some epic prizes.

To participate, we want you to show us how much you love StarCraft II by sending us a photo of your favorite StarCraft item and sharing the story behind it. Whether it’s a signed keyboard or the box from your copy of StarCraft II,  we’d love to hear the story behind it! Once you've entered, use #GG5years on Twitter to share your entry with everyone!

We’ll be selecting 50 random entries to receive some awesome swag and one lucky winner to receive the grand prize – a StarCraft II themed gaming PC from Origin! You’ve got until August 5th to submit your entry. You can find all the details surrounding it found here!

Thanks for all the years that you’ve made StarCraft II great!

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