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5th Anniversary of StarCraft II

5th Anniversary of StarCraft II

We’re extremely happy to celebrate the fifth anniversary of StarCraft II! On July 27, 2010, StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty was released to the public, and the five years since have been an incredible journey. We’ve seen tournaments spring up across the globe, millions of players get involved with the game, and are rapidly approaching the release of the final expansion: Legacy of the Void.

Fancy Decorations

To celebrate this special occasion, we’ll be releasing a fifth anniversary portrait to help players join in on the celebration. Just log in to StarCraft II from July 27 to August 3 and play a game to be awarded this special portrait commemorating the occasion.

Celebrate In-Game!

Additionally, we’ve decided to bring truckloads of celebratory virtual confetti to the StarCraft II universe for the anniversary. This confetti is only here for a limited time, and you can make the most of it by stepping up your economic harassment efforts in all your favorite competitive multiplayer modes.

We hope you’ll relish in the celebration that erupts with each worker kill you secure!

Additional Ways to Celebrate...

Once you’ve had some fun in-game, make sure you check out our Media section. We’ll be adding a new downloadable wallpaper there to mark the occasion. 

Also make sure to check out Team Liquid’s #WhyILoveSC celebration. You can participate to win prizes, which are outlined on their site. We’ll also soon be offering additional ways to get your hands on some epic StarCraft II swag. So keep an eye out!

Thanks for being a part of the great community that has made StarCraft II into what it is today. Here's to you, and the last five years of epic stories and gaming!

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