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Legacy of the Void Beta Balance Update -- September 3, 2015

Legacy of the Void Beta Balance Update -- September 3, 2015

Below are the latest balance changes for the StarCraft II Legacy of the Void Beta. Let us know what you think once you've gotten a chance to test them out.


  • Zealot
    • Zealot Charge damage decreased from 30 to 8.
  • Chrono boost is back.
    • No energy cost.
    • Ability is set to autocast by default on the Nexus.
    • Efficiency is reduced to 20%, but never expires.
  • Warpgate research time increased to 114 from 99.
  • Photon overcharge
    • Overcharge can only be cast on Pylons.
    • Has an attack range of 7.
    • Has a duration of 30.
    • Costs 25 energy.
    • Deals 30 damage every .89 seconds.
  • Colossus
    • Increased upgraded range to 9 from 8.
  • Tempest
    • Now functions as it does in Heart of the Swarm.
  • Immortal
    • Barrier ability is set to autocast by default.
    • Triggers when Immortal is attacked.
  • Oracle
    • Revelation cast range increased to 12 from 9.
  • Carrier
    • Increased the cooldown for Release Interceptors to 29 from 14.5.


  • Orbital Command
    • Calldown: MULE is back.
      • Ability is set to autocast on nearby minerals.
      • No energy cost.
      • Now has a cooldown.
      • 30 range from casting Orbital Command.
      • Harvest amount decreased to 40 from 45.
    • Scanner Sweep cost increased to 100 from 50.
    • Calldown: Extra Supplies cost increased to 75 from 50.
  • Siege Tank
    • Now has a 0.75 second delay before firing when unloading from a Medivac while in siege mode.


  • Spawn larva increased from 2 to 3 per cast.
  • Creep now spreads and recedes faster.*
  • Ravager
    • New Upgrade: Increases the corrosive bile range to 13 from 9.
    • Costs 100/100.
    • Requires a Lair.
  • Overlord
    • Transport upgrade requires a Lair.

For a more in-depth explanation of these changes, read David Kim’s Community Update.

*The increased speed to receding creep didn't make it into this build and will be added in a later patch.

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