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Legacy of the Void Short Story: "Perdition's Crossing"

Legacy of the Void Short Story: "Perdition's Crossing"

Anyone might deserve a chance at redemption . . . or at least that’s what Jim Raynor believes after what he’s been through. The former convict was given a second chance at life, and since then Jim’s been looking to right his past wrongs while serving as a Confederate Marshal on Mar Sara. However, a whole lotta things are wrong on Mar Sara, and Jim’s desire to set things right could land him in serious trouble.

Set in a Wild West-themed badlands, and chock-full of enough guns and combat to satisfy any action fan, Perdition’s Crossing is a Jim Raynor story about trust, redemption, and making the hard choices in life.

“McAaron's blood ran cold. His sarcastic smile was wiped away. For the first time since Raynor had arrived, the sheriff felt the gravity of Jim's response, just how close he was to bringing out the old outlaw. McAaron could see the fire burning in Raynor's eyes as he fumbled in a pouch strapped to his leg and pulled out a digital wristband. ‘This is a new toy from central. Controls their anklets. Press this button, and boom, off goes a leg. Press this button here, and zap, they go to the ground in pain. Understand?’

Learn more about the characters of StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void in “Perdition’s Crossing,” a story bound to keep you on the edge of your seat.

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