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Unlock Artanis in Heroes with Legacy of the Void

Unlock Artanis in Heroes with Legacy of the Void

Update: Players who pre-purchased physical versions of Legacy of the Void may contact Customer Service starting on October 20, 2015 to gain early access to Artanis. Click here for details.

The Hierarch of the protoss, Artanis, is about to enter the Nexus—and we’re not talking about a Protoss Nexus . . . he’s joining Heroes of the Storm!

While you lead Artanis to the furthest reaches of the Koprulu Sector in search of hidden artifacts and a powerful dark god in StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void, you’ll also be able to charge him into the fray on the battlefields of the Nexus. That’s because anyone who purchases Legacy of the Void will unlock access to Artanis in Heroes of the Storm.

In addition, those who have pre-purchased a digital copy of Legacy of the Void will gain exclusive access to Artanis starting October 20, a full week before he is available for sale on October 27. So whether you enjoy StarCraft II, Heroes of the Storm, or both, this is the perfect opportunity to experience the power of the protoss.

Stay tuned, as we’ll have more news to share about what you can expect to find in the Nexus—and the Void—in the weeks ahead.

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