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Legacy of the Void Beta Ending Soon

Legacy of the Void Beta Ending Soon

We're approaching the end of the Legacy of the Void beta! Your feedback has been awesome and we're sincerely thankful to the many testers who participated. Although we'll continue improving the game moving forward, our initial test phase will soon be ending.

From reporting on large issues like game balance, pacing and competition, to bringing up smaller things which deserved more polish, you've all been tremendously helpful! We've pored over your feedback and gotten some truly rich data as a result.

Now that the beta is ending*, we’ll soon be locking the beta feedback forums. If you have any additional feedback to share, we suggest that you write your final post(s) there as soon as possible.

Additionally, we recommend uninstalling your beta client, as the retail version of Legacy of the Void doesn't use the same files as the beta. To do this, select “Beta: Legacy of the Void” from the dropdown in the App, then select Options > Uninstall Game. Doing so also gives you back around 13 gigabytes of hard drive space back. Hooray!

Finally, if you're looking for something to tide you over while we make the last changes before Legacy of the Void goes live, we've collected some things you might have missed below. Go on—take a look!

That about wraps things up. Thanks again, and we’ll see you in the Void on November 10!

*Please note that while we are currently targeting the beta to end on November 2, this is only an estimated date and it could change.

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