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Legacy of the Void Brings New And Updated Tilesets

Legacy of the Void Brings New And Updated Tilesets

Legacy of the Void and the reclamation of Aiur is on the horizon! With its arrival will come new units, strategies, and opponents, as well as new battlefields upon which you'll wage war.

Today, we wanted to showcase the changes that we’ve been working on to bring fresh aesthetic angles to your multiplayer and custom game experiences! To do this, we’ve created a series of entirely new tilesets, and updated many of the originals from Wings of Liberty and Heart of the Swarm. So let’s jump into it!

Updated Tilesets

Fire & Ice

While they’re certainly not the only options for worlds of frost or inferno, we wanted to make sure that there are opportunities for fresh new looks on battlegrounds with this theme. As such, we’ve updated both the Char and Kaldir tilesets for enhanced appearances. You can check them out below!

Char_Ex2_Shot1_Old_Thumb-275w.jpg Char_Ex2_Shot1_New_Thumb-275w.jpg
Before After
IceWorld_Ex2_Shot1_Old_Thumb-275w.jpg IceWorld_Ex2_Shot1_New_Thumb-275w.jpg
Before After

Desert & Jungle

Deserts and jungles are staples in the multiplayer arsenal, so we also updated the visuals on the classic Mar Sara and Bel Shir tilesets.

MarSara_1_Old_Thumb-275w.jpg MarSara_1_New_Thumb-275w.jpg
Before After
BelShir_Ex2_Shot1_Old_Thumb-275w.jpg BelShir_Ex2_Shot1_New_Thumb-275w.jpg
Before After

Earth & Metal

For maps with the aesthetics of a space station or earthen materials, the Braxis Alpha and (Void) Castanar tilesets have been reworked to bring an improved look.

BraxisAlpha_2_Old_Thumb-275w.jpg BraxisAlpha_2_New_Thumb-275w.jpg
Before After
Castanar_2_Old_Thumb-275w.jpg Castanar_2_Thumb-275w.jpg
Before After

New Tilesets


With Aiur being a focal point of Legacy of the Void, it was essential that we stage it as a potential battleground for Legacy of the Void multiplayer matches. In that respect, we’ve added the Aiur City and Aiur Temple tilesets.



As you play through Legacy of the Void, you’ll encounter a variety of locations that are wholly unique in their appearance. From the mysterious metropolis of Shakuras City, to the earthen-like Endion, to the foreign and aggressive terrains on Slayn, we've introduced a host of new planetary tilesets to explore.


Unique Environments

Finally, we wanted to feature a few tilesets that are unique in their backstory and appearance. We’ve included tilesets used on the mysterious world of Ulnar, the unknown depths of The Void, and the ancient space platform of the Purifiers – Cybros.


In addition to the many new tilesets, we’ve also created new doodads to accompany each tileset. These doodads will be a welcome addition for map developers! We’re quite excited to see what our community’s talented map-designers can create with the many new options available in StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void.

What we’ve shown here is a preview of only some of the new tilesets that have become available. We encourage you all to check out the StarCraft II Galaxy Editor to explore the wealth of new material… before they appear in your multiplayer matches!

Good luck in your adventures, and we hope you enjoy StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void!

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