Pre-Purchase Nova Covert Ops™ Today!

Pre-Purchase Nova Covert Ops™ Today!

Nova Covert Ops, the brand new StarCraft II mission pack bundle, is set to launch by spring, but players can pre-purchase today and reap the benefits! 

Those who pre-purchase Nova Covert Ops will receive a unique Nova portrait, as well as a Covert Ops Ghost skin for their Ghost units. The Nova portrait is limited to the pre-purchase bundle, and will be gone once the first series of missions launch.


  • What does the Nova Covert Ops bundle contain?
    • The bundle contains the entire story arc of Nova Covert Ops, which includes all three mission packs and the Covert Ops Ghost skin. Each mission pack contains three campaign-style missions. Those who pre-purchase the bundle will also receive a Nova portrait.
  • Can I buy each mission pack individually?
    • Yes, but only the Nova Covert Ops bundle is available for pre-purchase. Individual mission packs will be available for purchase when the first pack goes live in spring of 2016. Each mission pack contains three campaign-style missions.
  • Can I get the pre-purchase goodies after the first mission pack is live?
    • The Nova portrait is only available for those who pre-purchase Nova Covert Ops. The Covert Ops Ghost skin is available if you pre-purchase Nova Covert Ops, or own all of the mission packs. Please note: the Covert Ops Ghost Skin will be awarded once all of the mission packs are owned.
  • How much will each mission pack cost?
    • Each mission pack will be $7.49 USD, but you can pre-purchase all three now for $14.99 USD.
  • When will I receive the Nova portrait and Covert Ops Ghost skin?
    • If you pre-purchase the Nova Covert Ops bundle, you will receive the rewards on or before the release of the first mission pack.
  • Do I have to own a version of StarCraft II in order to purchase Nova Covert Ops?
    • No, you may purchase Nova Covert Ops through the Starter Edition without owning any version of StarCraft II. 

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