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Radio Liberty: New Investigation - Canceled

Radio Liberty: New Investigation - Canceled

Everything is not as it seems here at Radio Liberty!

Maybe we got overexcited, but it looks like we've been chasing a false lead. Although the informant was a huge inspiration for us in the past, and even the namesake of our organization, I guess he is no longer the person who he used to be. It took us some time to delve deeper into the mysteries behind the Dominion organizations in the documents, but after a thorough examination, they really do exist, and all of their stories check out. Luckily, we caught this before things went any further.

Unfortunately, we need to take some time off to address these mistakes on our side. Starting now, Radio Liberty will be going offline.

Should you have any questions for us about other matters, we'll be happy to respond to you as soon as our hiatus is over. Unless it's completely vital, though, we recommend you wait to contact us. But please know that we're still very indebted to you for offering your assistance in this matter. Just imagine how much we would have needed you if it had been a real discovery!

However, this time we were definitely headed toward a dead end. Every investigation has its perils. Learning from these trials will help us become stronger investigators in the long run. Perhaps, with a little time, we will have a real case for you.

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