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Patch 3.2 Preview: Nova Covert Ops - Mission Pack 1

Patch 3.2 Preview: Nova Covert Ops - Mission Pack 1

On March 29, Mission Pack 1 of Nova Covert Ops will become available. While these mission packs hold a wealth of secrets that only the most tenacious of covert operatives will discover, we’re excited to provide some details on what you can expect.

November “Nova” Terra (Agent X41822N) awakens in an unknown facility. She has no recollection of where she is, or what her mission was . . . her memory has been wiped.

You join Nova as she seeks to remember her objective, and investigates new threats to the safety of the Terran Dominion. Are the Zerg moving to capture Terran worlds? Is a new Terran faction seeking to seize power?

It falls to the most elite covert operative in the Dominion to find the answers.

In Nova Covert Ops, you’ll experience missions unlike anything you’ve played before. Use your tactics in stealth and strategy to overcome situations that would be impossible with brute force alone, and discover what it’s like to be a trained Dominion Ghost in the field. As the story progresses, those who apply tactical planning toward their objectives will find the greatest success, but you may not be able to plan for every turn of events!

Throughout Mission Pack 1, you’ll navigate complex facilities while avoiding detection, pilot vehicles to help achieve your objectives, and assassinate critical targets—all while acquiring intel on your opponent’s mission. We can’t reveal too much, of course, but Nova: Covert Ops is sure to provide a new and exciting angle on the StarCraft II campaign-style of mission.

Throughout the mission, Nova will become increasingly powerful and customizable as you discover and unlock additional equipment for her to take into the field. Ever wonder how unstoppable a cloaked Nova would be with a shotgun in her hands? Now you can find out.

Beyond Nova, you can also customize your units and the equipment they bring into battle. For example, if a map has a lot of cliffs and ravines, you might want to consider equipping your Siege Tanks with Jump Jet Technology, so that they can easily make their way up and down those steep cliffs! Alternatively, you may choose to equip them with defensive Spider Mines, making them more difficult to take down.

Mission Pack 1 will serve as the launching point for the rest of Nova Covert Ops, sending you on espionage-filled journeys across the sector to discover the secrets being held by the Defenders of Man. Knowing is half the battle, and the intel you gather in Mission Pack 1 will serve you well in the days to come. The battle for the Dominion’s freedom is in your hands!

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