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April Fools: StarCraft II Balance Manager 2016

April Fools: StarCraft II Balance Manager 2016

You’ve played the game. You’ve beaten your friends. You’ve achieved Grandmaster every season. Now, challenge your skills like never before, with StarCraft II Balance Manager 2016!

Millions of StarCraft II players have been giving valuable balance insight for years, but for the first time ever, players will be able to balance the game! Do you have what it takes to be the best? Prove it with BM 2016! Utilize the same tools as the StarCraft II balance team and show us what you got!

BM 2016 brings an incredible amount of depth to the balancing experience. Whether you’re balancing for Ladder, the StarCraft II World Championship Series, or your cousin’s roommate’s LAN party, BM 2016 is the tool for you.

Our newest feature, Career Mode, allows a player to start their balancing experience from the beginning in Bronze, and work their way up to Grandmaster! Experience an epic and fulfilling career as a Balance Manager, where every minor change you make is endlessly criticized and loved at the same time!

The newly implemented D.K. AI will aid you throughout this journey, even suggesting alternatives to your nerfs/buffs. But beware! Nerfing units can have serious repercussions that ripple throughout the game, so the user interface will warn players before any nerfs are applied. 

We saved the best for last—behold, the Balance Manager dashboard! Receive live updates on each and every area of StarCraft II. You’ll also be able to filter by WCS, SSL, SWAG, GSL, YOLO, and even Ladder. This page has lists dedicated to nerfs and buffs, overall performance and win percentage for each race, a newsfeed from all over the world, and even a Confidence Level! 

Now is the time for you to prove that you are a Grandmaster Balance Manager. Pre-purchases are available now at the Blizzard store for the low price of $59.99. We look forward to seeing you in BM 2016!

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