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April Fools: Introducing Maximum Novadrive

April Fools: Introducing Maximum Novadrive

It's time to rev your engines! Brought to you by the creators of StarCraft II, Maximum Novadrive™ is a full throttle look at the Koprulu sector as you've never seen it before.

As Nova Terra, the best ghost in the Dominion, you will take to the mean streets of Sharpsburg with a fully customized vulture-class hover cycle. Navigate freeways depicted in stunning 16-bit graphics that almost let you smell the exhaust as Nova struggles against inattentive drivers and poorly enforced traffic laws!

Ride to victory

  • Nova's vulture bike speeds effortlessly through the lanes—but lookout for slower traffic! From other hover cycles to vespene gas trucks, Maximum Novadrive™ features cutting-edge Accidental Collision Kickoff (ACK) technology.

Have a blast

  • Compete in high-speed challenges against the most obnoxious vehicles in the Terran Dominion!

Traffic control

  • Tension builds as Nova's racing prowess lures local airships into the race. Avoid their strikes for as long as possible—or this ghost is toast!

If you enjoy adventuring with Nova, check out her new StarCraft II campaign in the Nova Covert Ops : Mission Bundle.

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