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Patch 3.3: Abathur is coming to Co-op Missions!

As the evolution master of the zerg, Abathur has been constantly spinning new essences to chase an ever changing vision of perfection. Although he has served the zerg for ages, now the time has come for Abathur to spin himself more prominently into StarCraft II as he joins our ranks as the newest Co-op Missions Commander.

In creating Abathur, we wanted to provide a Commander for players who wanted to play Zerg without having to rely on a Hero unit being on the battlefield. Additionally, we wanted to ensure that we fulfilled the unique fantasy elements for which Abathur is so well-known.

To do this, we’ve equipped Abathur with some very powerful abilities and upgrades that augment the strength of his units on the battlefield. In addition, we’ve added an entirely new Evolution mechanic that is available exclusively to Abathur. Through Evolution, Abathur can use the Biomass of fallen foes to spin new essences into his units to make them even more powerful. Thanks to this relentless pursuit of perfection, Abathur will give you access to the most powerful units you’ve ever used in Co-op Missions, and with them, you will wreak whatever havoc you deign necessary.

Abathur’s primary abilities help his units in battle through both devastative and restorative effects.


Abathur’s abilities are extremely powerful and they are complemented by an Evolve mechanic which allows Abathur’s units to become increasingly powerful as they defeat more enemy units.

Abathur’s endless pursuit of perfection causes your units to become stronger as you acquire the essence of fallen foes. When playing as Abathur, any time you or your ally slays a unit, that unit will drop its Biomass onto the battlefield. This Biomass can be collected by your units, and as they accrue more Biomass they will change in both physical appearance and strength.

If any unit manages to acquire 100 Biomass, it will be transformed into an ultimate evolution of its former self. In this instance, ground units will evolve into massive Brutalisks with substantial health pools and a ground-based cleave attack, while air units will transform into terrifying tentacle-covered Leviathans to wreak havoc on everything they touch.

Leviathan GIF (Lightbox)

Brutalisk GIF (Lightbox)

As your Abathur Commander Level increases, these units can become more powerful, even gaining a Symbiote to help attack enemies while protecting their host with a damage absorbing carapace.

As with other Commanders, Abathur gains access to a unique loadout of units:

Biomass Harvester: Abathur’s units gain increased life, attack speed, and energy regeneration by collecting Biomass from fallen enemies. Roaches do not cost vespene gas. Larvae spawn at an increased rate.

Ultimate Evolution: Unlock the ability for ground units with 100 stacks of Biomass to evolve into Brutalisks. Air units with 100 stacks of Biomass evolve into Leviathans.

Virulent Nests: Enemies damaged by Toxic Nests drop 100% additional Biomass. Toxic Nests can not be targeted by the enemy.

 Roach Warren Upgrade Cache:Unlocks the following upgrades at the Roach Warren and Greater Roach Warren:

  • Roaches gain +3 armor when under 50% life.
  • Increase the damage of the Ravager’s Corrosive Bile ability by 20.

Improved Mend:Mend can store up to 2 charges and its cooldown is reduced by 30 seconds.

Evolution Chamber Upgrade Cache:Unlocks the following upgrades at the Evolution Chamber:

  • Allow Hatcheries, Lairs and Hives to birth two Swarm Queens simultaneously.
  • Increases the amount healed by the Swarm Queen’s Rapid Transfusion ability by 10 and allows it to heal both biological and mechanical targets.

Biomass Recovery: When killed, your units have a 50% chance to drop all of their Biomass.

New Unit: Viper:Flying caster. Able to manipulate battlefield conditions. Can use Parasitic Bomb, Consume, Blinding Cloud, and Abduct abilities.

Infestation Pit Upgrade Cache: Unlocks the following upgrades at the Infestation Pit:

  • Unlock the Swarm Hosts’s Deep Tunnel ability, allowing it to quickly burrow to a target location.
  • Unlock the Viper’s Paralytic Barbs ability, which increases the stun duration of Abduct.

Symbiote: Brutalisks and Leviathans gain Symbiotes that follow them, attacking enemies and protecting their host with the Carapace ability.

 Spire Upgrade Cache: Unlocks the following upgrades at the Spire and Greater Spire:

  • Increase the Guardian’s attack range.
  • Enable the Devourer’s attacks to deal area damage.
  • Upgrade the Mutalisk’s attacks to deal 100% bonus damage to armored units.

Mutagenic Potential: Ravager, Guardian, Devourer morph times and resource costs reduced by 50%

Locust Injection: Enemy units have a chance to spawn friendly Locusts upon death.

Roach Evolution: Vile: Upgrades Abathur’s Roaches to the Vile Strain.

  • Assault unit. Regenerates life quickly while burrowed. Attacks debilitate the target, slowing its attack and movement speeds.

 Biotic Leech: Abathur’s units heal themselves for 1% of the damage they deal per stack of Biomass they possess.

In the early game, relying on Toxic Nests for defense is a crucial step towards getting a strong start in your production. Once you get a few units, it’s helpful to focus all the Biomass you collect into one unit so that you can evolve it as soon as possible. To do this, look for that bigger unit in your army; select it, and then have it collect all the Biomass you can. In general, the impact of Abathur’s Evolution mechanic is more substantial if you’re able to focus your Biomass collection on few select units, thereby allowing them to evolve into powerful Brutalisks and Leviathans sooner.

As the game continues, the total amount of Biomass in your army can grow exponentially if you’re able to prevent units from dying. Building Swarm Queens to use Rapid Transfusion and using your Mend ability will keep your units alive so that you don’t lose the Biomass they’ve collected. Abathur’s global presence is not necessarily as strong as some other Commanders, but eventually his Brutalisks and Swarm Hosts can use the Deep Tunnel ability to reposition and help imperiled allies or objectives while Toxic Nests can be used diligently to augment defenses around the map.

Overall, Abathur has incredible utility and can snowball into an extremely powerful late-game Commander with proper army-management. His unique unit loadout equips him with a variety of anti-air options including Ravagers, Swarm Queens, Mutalisks, and Devourers which can all become more powerful as they accrue Biomass, or even morph into terrifying units like the Leviathan or Brutalisk.

Upon the launch of Patch 3.3, you can unlock Abathur and all the menacing units and tactics with which he is equipped for just $4.99. Take these strategies and Abathur’s potentially limitless power into battle as you attempt to conquer the many new challenges awaiting you thanks to our new Mutators and Mastery features, and let us know what you think of the improved Co-op Missions experience! As always, you can leave your thoughts in the comments section below, or on our Facebook or Twitter.


Co-op keeps evolving. We’ll see you in-game!

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