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Patch 3.6 Preview: New Co-op Mission: Mist Opportunities

Patch 3.6 Preview: New Co-op Mission: Mist Opportunities

Mist Opportunities welcomes you to a Co-op experience unlike anything you’ve ever encountered before – and not just because it revolves around  an ‘Escort’ mechanic (which we've yet to have in Co-op Missions), but also because the map features a whole new side to an age-old character: Egon Stetmann.

After having our own share of play-throughs, we sat down with the map’s designer Richard Washburn to chat about the experience that is Mist Opportunities (and what an experience it is!). Richard concisely wrapped up Mist Opportunities as “a fun romp in the jungle. A new type of map that puts a Co-op spin on the tried and true escort mechanic, topped with a ton of personality.” While many of our Co-op Missions have a more serious feel, Mist Opportunities offers a stark and refreshing contrast, drizzling goofy demeanor across a plate of psychedelic loony-ness for a savory-sweet mission we’re positive you’ll enjoy.

Now, let’s talk about why!

Welcome to ‘Mist Opportunities’

Mist Opportunities is set on Bel’Shir, and your company for this journey is none other than Egon Stetmann, from the Wings of Liberty campaign. Except… well, it’s been awhile since we’ve last seen Egon, and things have changed somewhat drastically.

Prior to the events of Heart of the Swarm, Stetmann was on a research expedition on Bel’shir. While there, the galactic players shifted greatly during the Terran’s political upheaval, and Stetmann got somewhat lost in the shuffle. Ultimately he was forgotten on his expedition. Total and complete isolation is taxing enough, but add in long-term exposure to terrazine gas and the effects can be… or have been, rather drastic on our poor friend.

Yes, we know he looks a little crazy. In truth, though, he’s about twice as crazy as he looks.

Now, let’s talk about what he’ll be ordering you to do: protect his “babies”. During his time on Bel’Shir, Stetmann has become extremely proficient at harvesting terrazine gas thanks to his efforts in creating robotic friends “Harvesters”. These Harvesters are all Stetmann has on this world (except the world itself, who he has chatted with on numerous occasions and considers a close friend), so he’ll want you to protect them with everything you have at your disposal while they do what they were built to do: harvest terrazine gas.

The Escort mechanic itself is straightforward, you basically just need to protect Stetmann’s Harvesters. However, Richard was quick to point out that this doesn’t mean the mission is a breeze or anything: “To keep things challenging, we’ve given the enemy loads of different options on how to attack, more than in other Co-op Missions, forcing players to stay on their toes more than ever before”.

Still, to ensure that players are given some time to react, Richard described that although Stetmann’s Harvesters have very few hitpoints, they can activate a defensive matrix to protect themselves for a short time after they initially fall under attack. Richard (or Stetmann?) also equipped them with weapons, but these are as spectacularly ineffective as you’d expect for any weapon belonging to a “Harvester”; don’t count on them.

As if the Harvesters and Stetmann’s sanity weren’t enough to worry about in Mist Opportunities, there’s also an ecological disaster brewing on the corners of the map where you can attempt to help Bel’Shir herself… if you have the time.

We hope you have as much fun playing ‘Mist Opportunities’ as we had making it. This is Richard’s first Co-op creation, so let us know what you think of his baby!

You can let us know your thoughts in the comments below, on our Facebook page, or on Twitter! As always, we encourage you to also discuss this map, other maps, or Co-op Missions in general in our forums as well.

Thanks, and we hope you enjoy ‘Mist Opportunities’!

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