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2016 Season 5 Lock Incoming

2016 Season 5 Lock Incoming

The 2016 Ladder Season 5 is coming to its end, and the ladders will soon be locking in order to determine the final placements for each player this season.

During the lock:

  • Players cannot be promoted or demoted from their current league or tier, and bonus pools stop growing.
  • Standings will not be locked, and so players can compete for a specific ranking within their division.

If you’re currently pursuing a league or tier promotion, you still have a chance to make it happen! The lock goes into effect for the Americas region on Tuesday, November 15. Once the lock goes into effect, your games still count and your MMR will continue to update according to your performance.

Season 6 will begin on November 22. Season milestone rewards will be locked in at that time, and all bonus pools will be reset. Matchmaking and league/tier placement will continue using results from the previous season.

Season 6 will also apply a free character name change to all accounts that do not have one available at that time. Character name changes do not stack (you can only have one free name change at a time), so if you’ve been thinking about changing your name in StarCraft II, you’ll want to do so as soon as possible.

Until then, good luck on the ladder!

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