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Patch 3.8 Preview: Nova, the Final Missions

Patch 3.8 Preview: Nova, the Final Missions

SPOILER ALERT: Mission Pack 2 and 3 spoilers ahead. You have been warned!

In the second Nova Covert Ops Mission Pack, the Defenders of Man continued their campaign to discredit Valerian Mengsk by inciting zerg attacks on innocent worlds. Nova was able to thwart their plan on Tyrador IX and saved many lives. Through an unlikely pact with Alarak, Nova gained access to a large source of terrazine that aided in the recovery of her lost memories and the location of her last mission: Antiga Prime. There, she discovered the truth: the Defenders of Man manipulated Nova, using her to incite zerg attacks against civilians. Nova was also able to remember the leader of the Defenders of Man: General Carolina Davis.

Nova’s first mission is to find and capture General Davis. Nova and her forces will need to infiltrate Davis’s high security compound and deal with her loyal troops. Fortunately, you’ll have access to all of the gear and weaponry you’ve acquired in the first two Mission Packs. The level is designed to allow multiple paths to success, so take advantage and find the load-out that suits your style.

Nova will have access to new technology to aid her in the fight ahead. You’ll have the army upgrades from the previous missions plus new enhancements including an upgrade that allows your Battlecruisers to attack multiple enemies at once. She’ll also have new weapons to unlock, such as a deadly plasma rifle that melts her targets into a pool of ooze.

We’ll leave the rest of the story for you to discover for yourself. With the final chapter just days away from release, now is a great time to purchase the full campaign if you haven’t already. Good luck, agent.

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