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New Ladder Maps for 2016 Season 6

New Ladder Maps for 2016 Season 6
StarCraft II and its players are preparing for the biggest set of changes since the release of Legacy of the Void last year. In just a few more days, the massive gameplay overhaul will hit and we’ll all be playing quite a different version of StarCraft II than we are today. As we move towards this new and unfamiliar territory, we felt it would be appropriate to bring together the old world and the new, if only for a short period of time.

Over the past several weeks, we have been working with the StarCraft II community and its most passionate players to develop a map pool featuring StarCraft II’s greatest and most memorable maps. While team maps will be remaining the same for this shorter season, long-since retired maps like Daybreak, Whirlwind, and Habitation Station are going to be brought back into the Ladder for the 1v1 pool to usher in the new balance patch coming in Patch 3.8.

Below are all of the maps you can expect to see on the Ladder when 2016 Season 6 begins. We’ve included screenshots of the maps, so be sure to click on the images below if any of these maps are unfamiliar to you!

We hope you enjoy this season’s best-of-StarCraft maps, and we’re looking forward to seeing the effects of all the collaborative effort put into this major patch! Thanks for joining us throughout the 2016 seasons, and enjoy this year’s final map pool! 

Daybreak LE

Vaani Research Station                                                  Echo LE             


Habitation Station LE                                               Overgrowth LE        


Newkirk Precinct TE                                                Whirlwind LE        


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