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Nova Announcer Promotion

Nova Announcer Promotion

After appearing on the battlefields of Co-op and hosting her own Covert Ops campaign, Nova will be joining StarCraft II as an announcer for those who have partaken in her journeys thus far.

Several months ago we introduced a number of new features to StarCraft II, including announcers. In Patch 3.9, Nova will be offered as a free announcer to players who purchase or have already purchased  all three Nova Covert Ops Mission Packs and the Nova Co-op Commander, or to players who purchase the new ‘Super Nova Bundle’: a dynamic bundle that includes both the aforementioned products. Players must log in to redeem their free announcer before February 27 however, so act fast! The Nova announcer will become available for standalone purchase at a later date.

We've put together a few of her voice lines for you to check out:





We hope you’re excited to hit the battlefields with the Dominion’s most accomplished Ghost. Stay tuned here and on our social channels on Facebook and Twitter for more news about Nova and the other content coming in Patch 3.9!

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