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It's a Violent Night in Co-Op Missions!

It's a Violent Night in Co-Op Missions!

Who doesn't love presents? You surely will. . . if you can open them first that is!

In this week's mutator, 'Violent Night', incredibly powerful gifts will spawn across the map. However, these gifts have no nametags, and are free for the taking! So be sure to get to them first, or experience Amon's gift-wrought wrath when a massive Killbot starts laying waste to your entire army.


Gift Exchange
Gifts are periodically deployed around the map. If you don't claim them, Amon will!
Naughty List
Player units and structures take increased damage for each enemy they've killed.


A potential NINE unique gifts await you in Violent Night, but beware! Amon has some unique powers he can unlock as well! Here's a sample of what you can expect:

Everything is FREE!
A powerful instrument of destruction joins your side in battle.
For 10 seconds everything is absolutely, positively free!
An unstoppable Killbot joins Amon to terrorize your army until it has slain its way to satisfaction.

Even more surprises await you, so hop into this week's Co-op Missions Mutator 'Violent Night' today! This Holiday Mutator will only be available from December 19 – December 26 so join the fun, bring a friend if you want, and we hope you love your holiday gifts! Let us know what you think of Violent Night in the comments below, or on our social pages on Facebook and Twitter.

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