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TotalBiscuit Announcer and Contest

TotalBiscuit Announcer and Contest

The man, the myth, the voice—TotalBiscuit has been a major contributor to the StarCraft II community throughout its history.  He’s hosted, casted, and funded his own tournaments, owned his own StarCraft II team, and will soon become a part of the game.

Coming in Patch 3.10, the Cynical Brit will bring his bellowing tenor to the ears, and hearts, of StarCraft II players. If you’ve ever wanted John to be your personal coach and caster, the TotalBiscuit Announcer is what you’ve been waiting for.

The TotalBiscuit Announcer is now available for purchase in the Collection menu with the release of Patch 3.10.

Update: This contest is now over.

We’re excited to launch our first ever Announcer starring a prominent member of the StarCraft community, so we’re celebrating the occasion with a contest—and giving away five free Announcer packs.

As this is all about John’s baritone vocals, we thought the contest should be as well. We want you to give us your best TotalBiscuit impression, upload it to the social media platform of your choice (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc.) and email us a link. We’ll check them out and select five winners who will receive the TotalBiscuit Announcer in StarCraft II.

Here are some things to keep in mind to maximize your chances of winning:

  • Besides his accent, there is much to emulate when doing an impression: gestures, mannerisms, props, do whatever you can to put yourself in John’s shoes.
  • Make sure your privacy settings allow us to view your video. We can’t judge what we can’t see!
  • Keep your video short. A minute should be more than enough to show us your stuff.
  • One entry per person.

Submissions will be accepted starting today! You have one week to practice and deliver your own rendition of this gaming personality. We’ll stop accepting submissions on Thursday, January 26. Check out the official rules here.

Good luck!

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