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Announcing the New WCS Website!

Announcing the New WCS Website!

Today, we’re launching a brand new one-stop shop where you can find all the details you need to stay up to date with the storylines in the professional StarCraft II scene.

This new website was built from the ground up to host a wealth of features and capabilities. From the convenient ‘countdown-to-broadcast’ feature to the re-designed VOD, schedule, and standings displays, this new site will make following StarCraft II esports simpler and more engaging than ever before.

The new site also features a fully adaptive home page that will present you with a unique experience whenever a WCS event is live. However, when the shows take a break, the site will transform and make it as easy as possible to find our content covering the most recent news, as well as important upcoming events.

We’re incredibly excited to bring this new site to everyone who enjoys StarCraft II esports. If you’re currently reading this blog on the new site, then what are you waiting for? Take a look around (we highly recommend the News section)! However, if you’re reading this blog elsewhere, we encourage you to hop on over to and take a look yourself!

Happy gaming, and enjoy the new site!

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