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Now Live: Mutation Contest Winner

Now Live: Mutation Contest Winner

Several months ago, we hosted a contest encouraging players to create their own devious Mutations. After the dust settled, a winner was selected: Injustice League.

Now, we’ve adapted these ideas into our weekly Mutation that we have cleverly named “Mutation Creation Contest Winner.”

Heroes from the Storm
  • Every attack wave will be led by Heroes of increasing power.
  • Enemy Heroic units increase the attack speed and armor of all enemies within a small range.
Hardened Will
  • Enemy Heroic units reduce all incoming damage to a maximum of 10 when any non-heroic enemy unit is near them.

Here is a taste of a few heroes that you’ll encounter.


  • Penetrator Round
    • Fires a Penetrator Round that strikes enemies along its path.


  • Shredder Grenade
    • Tosses a grenade that explodes in a small radius.


  • Drag
    • Pulls a target to Dehaka's location and temporarily stuns it.
  • Generate Spawns
    • Generates two spawns of Dehaka
  • Mend
    • Heals Dehaka and nearby allies

The Mutation Creation Winner is now live! Let us know what you think about it once you’ve gotten a chance to play it. Good luck!

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