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[April Fools] Breaking News: StarCraft II Instability (Co-op Mutation)

[April Fools] Breaking News: StarCraft II Instability (Co-op Mutation)

IRVINE, Calif – (UNIVERSE NEWS NETWORK) – Since 02:00 hours PDT on 04/01/2017, StarCraft 2 Co-op Mutation servers have been the target of a sustained attack of substantial magnitude. A recent investigation by Blizzard Entertainment has that confirmed the attack, the origins of which inexplicably appear to be from deep space, is being orchestrated by a previously unknown hacker going by the alias of “D4rK V0ic3”.

Shortly after this discovery, the attacker released the following baffling, statement: “I see your doubt, your fear. You are so alone. Mewling in the darkness, trying to find a good Co-op partner. Let me release you. All of you, from the suffering of the weekly mutation challenges. The Infinite Cycle of strife and anguish is at its end!”

The meaning behind this statement is still unknown, and the Co-op Mutation feature appears to still be online. It is still unknown how this hack will affect Co-Op gameplay, and so StarCraft II players are advised to play at their own risk and only attempt the weekly mutation challenge if absolutely necessary. “

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