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[April Fools] Overlord Announcer coming to StarCraft II!

[April Fools] Overlord Announcer coming to StarCraft II!

When we first released customizable StarCraft II announcers into the game, we immediately received a deluge of community feedback, including requests to add Abathur, TotalBiscuit, and even a request to add “iNControL impersonating ReDeYe!". We know you've been excited for more announcers, and so today we are extremely excited to reveal one of the most requested announcers on our Forums: the Overlord!

The Overlord has long stood as the prime example of what it means to be well-informed. As the only unit whose movement is wholly dedicated to scouting in StarCraft II, having the Overlord inform people during games felt like a perfect addition. Now, the Overlord will serve not only as the eyes, but also as the ears for players of all races, as they engage in battles across the Koprulu Sector. Additionally, the Overlord’s psychic capabilities leave it uniquely equipped to subtly influence your decision-making both in and out of games, ensuring that your every decision will eventually be ideally shifted to better serve the swarm.

Since there has been so much excitement around this particular Announcer, we also commissioned a number of focus group studies to determine the best samples to provide you with. Below is an intensely curated list of example alerts which the Overlord will provide you with during your games. If you struggle to understand anything he might say, don't worry! That's more common than you might think, but soon you'll be listening and responding to the Zerg without even realizing it.




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