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Fenix Announcer and Commander Bundle

Fenix Announcer and Commander Bundle

Fenix is our latest Co-op Commander and is ready to take to the battlefield to deal justice and retribution to all those who would threaten his allies. A true warrior, Fenix can rally his comrades in any situation and is an inspiration to all Protoss warriors.

Now, Fenix can lead you into battle, whether you control the forces of the Zerg, Terran, or Protoss. To celebrate his release, we are introducing the Fenix Announcer along with the Fenix Master Bundle. The Fenix Master Bundle includes Fenix the commander as well as the Fenix announcer for the discounted price of $7.49. Here are a sample of lines from the courageous Templar himself.

The Fenix Master Bundle is available now in StarCraft II under the ‘Collection’ tab. En’Taro Adun!

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