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Patch 3.14 Preview: New Premiere Skin Bundle

Patch 3.14 Preview: New Premiere Skin Bundle

Patch 3.14.0 is bringing more skins to add to your collection. This time, we have the underwater-themed ‘Aquatic Brood Lord,’ the futuristic ‘Mecha Viking,’ and the imposing ‘Amon’s Armada Carrier.’ Click on each of the images to get a better look at these beauties.

You can purchase an individual skin for $2.49 on the Blizzard store, or you can grab the Premiere Skins Bundle which includes every new skin for StarCraft II at a discounted price.

This bundle is dynamically priced, meaning that the final price will be adjusted automatically if you already own any of the skins. The Premiere Skins Bundle will be available under the Collection tab with the release of Patch 3.14.0.

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