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Patch 3.15 Preview: Nathanias Announcer

Patch 3.15 Preview: Nathanias Announcer

From his earliest days in the StarCraft II community, Nathanias made it clear that he brought a new kind of passion and insight with his StarCraft II content. He made his first widespread public appearance at a caster competition in 2012, and although he didn’t win, the opportunity only served to spur him to greater heights.

A few months later, Nathanias could be found re-streaming Korean events which lacked English casting; he would sport a sweatband and provide solo commentary for hours on end. The community’s appreciation brought him to DreamHack Summer 2013, where he shocked the audience with his enthusiastic commentary, especially during the epic finals between Jaedong and Stardust.

Most recently, Nathanias has become a staple representative not just for esports commentary, but also for Terran players around the world. He is well-known for his insightful perspectives on StarCraft II, his passion for Co-op Commanders, and his undisputed love for Cyclones. Below we’ve put together a small collection of lines you might hear in his announcer, and we hope you’re as excited as we are to bring Nate into StarCraft II!

The Nathanias Announcer will be coming next week with the release of Patch 3.15! Let us know what lines you’re most excited to hear, and be sure send far too many loving messages to @NathaniasTV on Twitter to share your support!

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