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War Chest Phase 2 Unlocked

War Chest Phase 2 Unlocked

Phase 2 of the War Chest has been unlocked! It’s time to construct additional pylons, spread your creep, and drop manner MULEs to earn new skins, emoticons, and sprays. You can refer to our handy guide to see what rewards will be available in this next phase, or you can jump into StarCraft II and mouse over each node within the War Chest itself.

We were both humbled and excited to see the community rally around supporting esports and reaching the $700,000 goal so quickly. As a sign of gratitude, we wanted to add more content for those who participated in the first ever War Chest, so we created new portraits from the Shadow Wars comic. These portraits will be released in a future patch and will be awarded to anyone who purchases the War Chest.

Now that prize pool has been maxed out, 25% of future War Chest earnings will go towards WCS 2017 and 2018 operations. We’ve already been able to put this money to work by doubling the prize pool of TotalBiscuit’s recent SHOUTcraft Kings tournament. Thanks to your efforts, players competed for a total of $10,000 USD. You can watch the entire series here if you missed it.

Thank you again for everyone’s continued support of StarCraft II and StarCraft II esports.

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