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Patch 3.17 Preview: iNcontroL Announcer

Patch 3.17 Preview: iNcontroL Announcer

A staple of the StarCraft community, Geoff “iNcontroL” Robinson has been around since the days of Brood War and was a founding member of the StarCraft II division of Evil Geniuses. Over the years, Geoff has been a caster for major StarCraft II tournament organizers including MLG, NASL, and Dreamhack. He’s been a prominent caster in the WCS and most recently, casted in Korea for the GSL vs the World tournament. We’re happy to bring his unique sense of humor and personality into StarCraft II and have a few choice samples for you to enjoy.

The iNcontroL Announcer will be available for purchase in the ‘Collection’ tab in StarCraft II with the release of Patch 3.17. Let Geoff know how excited you are by tweeting to him @iNcontroLTV.

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