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Patch 3.17 Preview: New Co-op Mission - Malwarfare

Patch 3.17 Preview: New Co-op Mission - Malwarfare

Long ago, this protoss facility was used to convert the personalities of great warriors into AI known as the Purifiers. Researchers tested the process on a Tal'darim prisoner, whose rogue personality began to attack the facility. Now the Purifier guardian Aurana is attempting to regain control of it by reprogramming the security terminals, but she needs assistance to hold off the Tal’darim’s holographic forces while she works. If she does not succeed, the facility will be lost, along with all of the protoss personalities stored within it.

Malwarfare is an escort style Co-op Mission arriving with Patch 3.17.0. You’ll need to protect Aurana as she travels across the map from terminal to terminal. At each stop, she will begin the reprogramming process, becoming vulnerable to attack. Once the process is complete, she will dock with the terminal and repair her transport while giving you time to prepare for the next step in the journey.

Not only will Aurana be assaulted by mobile troops, she’ll also have to contend with Suppression Towers that will bombard her craft with ranged attacks, interrupting the reprogramming progress. The Towers are not only guarded by holographic forces, but are equipped with advanced weaponry capable of decimating your forces.

Malwarfare is coming in Patch 3.17.0 along with our new Co-op Commander and Announcer, Dehaka. Which Commanders do you feel will do especially well on this escorting mission? Let us know in the comments!

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