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Patch 3.17 Preview: Ascension

Patch 3.17 Preview: Ascension

Since the release of Legacy of the Void, Co-op Missions has been widely embraced by our community. With that in mind, we’ve continually worked to develop new content or find ways to bring improvements to the game mode. In Patch 3.17 we’ll again be bringing an improvement to Co-op Missions with Ascension, a feature targeted at the most dedicated of StarCraft II’s Co-op Commanders.

Ascension brings an expanded progress system including 1,000 additional levels through which players can earn commendations as they continue to accrue experience in Co-op Missions. Each Ascension level takes 200,000xp to unlock, and while they will be earned through gameplay, they will not influence a player's strength or power in-game. Rather, these are levels of honor which are accompanied by unlockable badge emoticons players acquire as they gain more experience. Earn enough levels, and you’ll become one of Co-op Mission’s most highly-decorated Commanders.

While we’re excited about this feature’s ability to help players showcase their dedication, we also wanted to provide some tangible bonuses for players who pour their efforts into Co-op Missions. As such, we’ve added numerous unlockable rewards along the trail of progression, including sprays and unique “emoticon-pairs”. Do you play Zerg? Feel free to taunt your Protoss opponent after yanking his Mothership into certain death!

We look forward to hearing your thoughts about Co-op Missions newest edition in Ascension. Feel free to comment in the section below, or on our Facebook or Twitter pages! Until then, good luck Commanders!

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