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Heaven's Devils: Lost Transmissions Part 4

Heaven's Devils: Lost Transmissions Part 4

Part 4 of 4. Heaven’s Devils: Lost Transmissions will reveal previously unreleased communications between UNN reporters Max Speer and Michael Liberty. Each broadcast offers a glimpse into the maneuverings of both the Confederacy and the outlaws James Raynor and Tychus Findlay, formerly of the Heaven’s Devils.

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UNN Evening Report:

Haji Locked Down

(UNN) – Haji has now been put under full martial law in order to control outbreaks of rioting that have sprung up across this barren moon in response to its limited resources being stretched even thinner by the fires. Civilian rioters have moved against Confederate military forces, surprising those who have been working so hard to protect them. In a tragic turn of events, General Sol Kervock was caught unawares in an uprising on the eastern stretch of the Mirsale subcontinent. Acting General Ternas Shan, a decorated veteran in his own right, paid his respects to the fallen hero in a ceremony this morning, and then instituted a high-level lockdown on Haji until the riots have been dealt with.

Private Data-txt Sent from MSpeer to MLiberty

Not much time, Mike. I'm grabbing the next ship off of this rock before the lid is pulled tight.

Not two days after being released–embarrassed but unharmed–Kervock tried to pull an ambush on Raynor and Findlay. He disguised his own men as civvies and had them assault the two "traitors" while they were helping some workers out of a fallen building. The plan backfired as the entire town surrounded the infiltrators and literally pulled them apart. I'd never seen such anger. This whole settlement is going to be recovering from the fires, the destruction, and the unconscionable military betrayal for decades. Shantytowns and slums are already forming in the ashes.

UNN's biggest lie is naming these desperate people as Kervock's murderers. The general was killed by his own subordinate, one clean shot to the back of the skull. Ternas Shan saw the way the wind was blowing and decided to take matters into his own hands. Nothing's worse than having an underling even more ambitious than you are, huh? Then again… maybe the Confederacy asked him to take Kervock down and end the embarrassment.

Regardless, the UNN report shows that our ever-loving bosses approve of the action.

I'm sick of this government, but not sure anything better exists to replace it. What does it mean when your only heroes are military deserters and criminals? Jim Raynor and Tychus Findlay at least showed the decency to save some folks before riding off into the sunset with their bags full of stolen Confed credits.

I hope you understand why I've been sending you these notes, Mike. I can't go back to the UNN and tell their lies anymore—our people need somebody willing to tell them the truth. It is a sacred charge, one I won't ignore anymore. My hope is that someday you will feel the same.


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