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Grandmaster League Preview and FAQ

Grandmaster League Preview and FAQ

The Grandmaster League commences two weeks after the start of the second StarCraft II League season and is limited to the top 200 eligible players per region -- it is truly the most prestigious league for StarCraft II players and will determine who belongs at the top of the ladder. Qualification for this league takes place during the first two weeks of play following the start of a new season, after which potential Grandmaster League candidates must play one more match in order to receive their promotion. Keep in mind that play isn’t separated by league, so Diamond or Master League players will still have the same chance as before to face off against the Grandmasters.

Players must remain active to avoid being removed from the Grandmaster League.  Grandmaster players who let their bonus pool pile up will automatically be removed from the league, making room for more active combatants.


Q. How do I enter the Grandmaster League?
A. To enter the Grandmaster League:

  • There needs to be an open slot within the ladder.
  • You need to be in the top 200 players according to a rolling average of your skill rating.
  • You must be eligible.

Q. What does eligible mean?
A. To be eligible, your unused bonus pool must be less than 90.

Q. Can I be removed from the top 200?
A. Yes. If your unused bonus pool exceeds 180, you will be removed from the Grandmaster League.

Q. Is there a way to see who is in the Grandmaster League?
A. Yes. Click on the in-game ladder icon, and then click "Grandmaster" to see the current season rankings.

Q. How active do I need to be to stay in the Grandmaster League?
A. Your unused bonus pool must remain under 180. This means you can't get more than two weeks behind. This is equivalent to roughly 30 games.

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